Sustainability Statement

Triga with sub-assembly plants now operational in the USA, Italy, Australia and New Zealand, utilises recyclable aluminium and ABS injection moulded componentry. We recommend printing with eco-friendly inks onto recyclable polyester fabrics to create visually-appealing, re-useable displays.

For brands aiming for maximum visual appeal whilst remaining sustainable during repeat large-format indoor campaign advertising, it’s difficult to look beyond the modularity and environmentally-friendly benefits Triga delivers.

Any large-format flexible printed media which ultimately ends being dumped as landfill rather than being repulped or recycled, is fast coming under the sustainability spotlight. From vinyl billboards to vinyl bus side adverts, retail store posters to event banners, advertisers are scrutinising wasteful disposal of old graphics including PVC films and hardware. Retailers, brand owners and exhibitors are rapidly turning to buying affordable, sustainable graphic solutions, using eco-friendly printing inks. Some of Triga's customers are now printing onto textile media using inks derived from corn, a renewable resource.