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SHOWROOM Display Options

A key consideration when undertaking vehicle promotions is that they occupy a very large display space in exhibition or product launch areas. To balance all this space, the vehicle must have large and high-quality promotional backdrops to compliment the advertising theme and attract the target market.

TV advertising changes rapidly and quick turn-around time is needed to continue the theme of a particular promotional campaign. The TRIGA system has larger-than-life and longer-than-normal curved designer display systems that will meet the needs of any product launch. The benefit of our systems is that every display can be adapted to suit your changing needs. Keep the hardware, make a few technical changes and transform the system into a promotional tool.

The TRIGA system can create magic at your dealership's next promotion or product motor show. Our engineers and designers work with you to create impactful promotional vehicle displays in any space. Take a look at some of our promotional solutions that use straight, double and single sided Banner Walls, Curved Walls and Towers for impact and target market attraction.

Note how the Wall Mounts were creatively used to maximise advertising space and colour.