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[1] Why TRIGA SYSTEMS?[2] TRIGA Tensioner System Explained
A 2 minute fast-paced overview showing the many types of portable, branded free-standing or wall mounted structures that can be affordably and quickly constructed with TRIGA systems.The heart of theTRIGA fabric display system is the unique patented TRIGA self-tensioning device. This small, self-contained spring-loaded unit ensures that your fabric graphics won't slip, slide or start curling in their corners. The TRIGA tensioning system also allows owners to change their graphics as often as they'd like to – simply "compress" the TRIGA tensioners and replace the existing fabric and drop and snap the new fabric into place.

[3] How it all fits together - An introduction to individual TRIGA System components[4] Basic "Universal Banner Stand" installation
This 8 minute video takes you through what components and extrusions make up a basic TRIGA "system." We show you how to assemble a basic 2.4m high x 1.2m wide universal banner stand and load it with tensioned fabric prints.This 5 minute video show the installation of a basic double-pole banner stand with curved graphic rail using printed fabric.

[5] Installing Xanita's lightweight X-Board panels for rigid walls[6] Erecting TRIGA Towers, Walls, Counters and Tables
Need a few rigid panels with lightweight shelving. This video shows how TRIGA can accept Xanita's X-Board lightweight panels. 4 minute video shows the installation of a TRIGA Triangular Tower (2.4mtr high x 1.2m wide), a 3m S-Shaped Free-standing wave wall along with a 3m x 3m U-shaped Exhibition booth, a 3m wide counter for events and conferences and a 2m wide table with branded base.

[7] Erecting a 3mtr x 3mtr Exhibition Booth[8] Fabric Loading an Exhibition Booth
This video will show how it takes one installer approximately 11 minutes to completely construct a 3m x 3m exhibition booth using TRIGA hardware. Video #8 shows how the system is then loaded with a 9mtr wide seamless fabric under 10 minutes.This 9 minute video shows the loading of a 9mtr wide x 2.4mtr high fabric print in the 3mtr x 3mtr TRIGA exhibition booth constructed in the video at left of screen.
[9a] Changeable internal billboards - Installing a TRIGA Wall Mount system.[9b] How to quickly changing a wall-mount fabric print.
This 6 minute video shows the installation of a small wall mount system. Wall mounts can be any width and the top and bottom parallel aligned graphic bars can be positioned to allow for different width fabric, from say 600mm up to 3100mm wide fabric to cover an entire wall.For campaign advertising or for changing canvas printed artworks in, for example, reception areas or hotel rooms & foyers, see how easy it is to remove and replace a fabric or textile panel in this 90 second video.
[10] Time Lapse - 100ft wide Backdrop[11] How to set up a Display Counter
This video shows the quick installation of a 100ft wall in California for Cessna USA. The video is sped up 16 times.1. Set-up upright twist-join poles and brace together by dropping into place the cross bars. 2. Attach the graphic rails 3. Insert middle shelf made from wood, acrylic, etc 4. Slide fabric graphic into the graphic rails and fire the tensioners by pressing the button on each unit 5. Place tabletop on top, making sure recess holes line up with the top of the aluminium poles.
[12] Tri-Tower Installation [13] Installing a 20ft x 8ft Straight Backdrop Wall
[14] Installing a 10ft x 8ft Backdrop Wall [15] How does one load and tension fabric panels in a wall?

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